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Choice, Discovery, Value

Cosmos Yopougon is more than just a shopping mall! It’s a brand conceived as a vibrant and lively destination where customers can discover a wealth of experiences that include everyday shopping, international brands, family entertainment, affordable dining and essential services, all under one roof.

Today’s consumers are well-informed, and demand more than just greater choice and competitive prices. By providing a complete lifestyle environment for a previously neglected market, Cosmos Yopougon is helping people across the social spectrum to fulfil their aspirations and satisfy their appetite for brands.


Design concept

Seamlessly integrating modern architecture with a distinctive African feel, Cosmos Yopougon pays homage to the rich heritage of the community while providing the perfect showcase for all kinds of retailer, from big international brands to small outlets selling everyday essentials.

Families attracted by the large 3-screen Majestic Cinema and huge Carrefour will find a well-equipped Kids Zone and Food Court featuring fast food outlets from Burger King to medium priced sit-down restaurants. Completing the ideal shopping experience will be everything from electronics stores to banks, pharmacies and fashion outlets to seasonal kiosks and pop-up shops.

Aspirational audience

Cosmos Yopougon will cater for a broad socio-demographic market that includes everyone from senior civil servants and senior executives to young professionals and public servants such as police officers and teachers. However, it will primarily target the burgeoning middle and upper middle classes, whose needs are driven by:

  • Shopping in more secured and modern area
  • Access to products, brands & services of quality at competitive price range
  • Access to leisure and entertainment that match local demand

Key facts

The typical Cosmos Yopougon consumers are:

  • Looking for more choice in food products
  • Moving away from un-branded and un-packaged foods
  • Desiring recognisable brands and upmarket goods
  • Changing their consumer behaviour to favour products that offer convenience over price