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Wash room advertising

This media offers an excellent impregnation rates in an attractive and safe frame, from the entry, behind women bathroom unit, on top of men units, and by washstands.

Interior hanging banner

For an advertising campaign viewed at a higher level in order to attract visitor’s attention from the entry and during its entire journey inside the mall. Affirm your presence or your event from a strategic position to grab the attention.

Lift door adverting

Customize lift doors in an imaginative way for your communication, a strategic option of display to reach your public.

Digital screen

Set inside the mall, a network of two dozen digital screens with miscellaneous high-tech features to interact with consumers regarding your events and advertising campaigns depending the time of the day at main locations.

Escalator and Stair advertising

An opportunity to interact with your brand for a few minutes. An inevitable support.

Outdoor advertisement billboard

Prime devises of medium or large format to advertise from the parking lot, an efficient way to grab the attention of a mass audience with outdoor billboards. Excellent angle of visibility for the passerby.